Tuesday, October 22


Dear Sweet and Precious Baby,
You are so strong, so wonderful, so perfect and so very precious to us!  We prayed for you for so long, and we just know that you were specially made for our family, by our Dear, Sweet and Merciful Jesus.

He desired you to be in this world so badly.  He has a special mission for you that only YOU can fulfill!  He has written all of His hopes and dreams for you, lovingly on your tiny heart!

We have always prayed for you, even before we knew about you.  We are praying for you everyday and every minute.  Because of the Holy and Powerful Will of our Lord Jesus Christ, you are here.  He has made your tiny body so strong and you have stayed safe inside of me, even though I have been sick.

Daddy and I think about our 4 beautiful children.....Madison, Savannah, Nicholas and you, our sweet one still growing inside of me.  How fortunate we are that our Lord trusted Daddy and Mommy so much, that He bestowed these 4 perfect gifts on us to watch over, protect, and guide back to Him.

Daddy and I will do whatever we can to fulfill our promise to return our 4 precious children back to Jesus, Our Heavenly Father...you are His and belong to Him and as our Faithful and Flawless Father, He values each of His precious children more than the entire world!

Sweet Baby, through the many prayers of our generous family, friends, and religious priests, nuns, and consecrated and through the unequaled and perfect blessings of our Merciful and Dear Lord Jesus, mommy's body is being healed and made new!!  Your Daddy and I always hold our faith in God so tightly, but still in our humanness, we were frightened for our little darling.

Know that with every beat you hear of mommy's heart, we love you and you are being kept safe by our Sweet Jesus.

Each night, before we go to sleep, Daddy and I listen to YOUR sweet and perfect heartbeat on our baby heart monitor.  We smile and dream about the day we will get to hold you and kiss you.

We love you, Baby.
Love, Daddy, Mommy, Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas