Thursday, September 5


Our Sweet Lord Jesus never ceases to amaze His children!!  Jeremy and I have always prayed for more  sweet I have said before in my blog posts, we just thought that we would have an entire houseful of children!!  Always open to life, and more importantly to God Will for us, we assumed that after 8 years of no more babies, our Lord was calling us to contentment with our 3 beautiful and precious children, Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas.

Our kids are amazing and we have faith that our life is just the way that He (Jesus) had planned it for us......WELL, 4 weeks ago, we got another blessing of a lifetime!!  We found out that we are now the proud parents of 4 beautiful and precious children (how powerful God is)!!  There is actually a tiny and precious life, sweetly growing and thriving right inside of me!  How humbled I am to be able to play such a big part in such a totally incredible, miracle!!
(This is our little one at 11's such a funny picture...he/she looks like a little duck!!)  This picture makes me laugh....look at those sweet little arms and legs!

We just cannot believe how fortunate we are!  The kids are over the moon with excitement about their new little sibling.  Little one is due on April 13th 2014
Which just happens to be a very important day, when our Holy Church celebrates...

(MT 21:1-11-Palm when we celebrate, Jesus entering the town of Jerusalem.  When the crowds excitedly greeted Him by waving palm branches in His path.  After this great time of celebration, in the ministry of Jesus, He begins His journey to the Cross....the beginning of Holy Week)

We just had to share our excitement with the world!!  We never thought that we would get this blessed opportunity again in our lifetime....and that was okay with us if that is how Sweet Jesus wanted it, but aren't we SO JOYFUL that He saw us fit to be able to bring another beautiful life into the world
Look what my sweet friend, Gisele made for me when we told her about our sweet baby on the way
They were SO YUMMY too!!

Here is a video of our little one at nine can see his/her precious little heart beat....I am totally in love!

Jeremiah 1:5- "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you"  "Before you were born, I set you apart"