Tuesday, February 4


Madison is at her Mater Dei Co-op, and Savannah, Nicholas and I are homeschooling at the house.  I was just taking some pics of these 2 crazy kids, because they are truly best friends and they were just laughing at each other so hard, as I was putting some clothes away in my closet.  I just had to capture their special moment of joyful laughter.  I am so thankful that my kids are able to be so close to each other.  One of the many blessings of all being home together everyday.  One of the blessings that I will greatly miss as they get older.  I already see this happening as Madison is getting older
 Nicholas and Savannah are CONTINUALLY cracking each other up.  A mommy's heart truly flutters at the sound of her children's jubilant laughter.

 My sweet Savannah is looking so cute in her skirt today (well, it is actually MY skirt.  Savannah does not like to wear skirts and dresses, so she doesn't really own many skirts).....Her first fashion choice is ALWAYS her Tylers shorts....if it is too cold for shorts (in her mind...it is NEVER too cold for shorts) she will air to the jeans and her custom designed Converse tennis shoes (which she custom designed to glow in the dark....a classic Savannah)  Gotta love that sweet little thing.  She brings so much light to our day.
OH....I forgot to tell you that the only reason that she is in a skirt on a random Tuesday is because we went to Mass and jeans and shorts are not allowed by mommy.  I had to get a pic, because she looked so cute all dressed up.
Since we were taking pictures, I decided to take a selfie of me and little baby Isaac.  I have very few pics of myself pregnant with the other 3 and the kids always ask me about that.  I want to have this picture to show Isaac how he looked inside mommy's tummy and also to remind myself of how awesome it feels to carry my children inside of my tummy!!!  I was always happy to meet each of our precious little ones at the end of our long 9 month wait, but a part of me is always sad to let them go, because up until that point of delivery, they were each intimately all mine and I loved every minute of it....wow, that sure sounded selfish....but in my humanness, I just cannot help that bitter-sweet emotion.  I am just so grateful that I got that special time with each of them.