Saturday, February 8


Jeremy took Nicholas and Savannah to Breckenridge for our annual snowboarding trip.  The kids love snowboarding and are REALLY good at it!  I could not go this year because of our Sweet baby Isaac in my belly. Madison stayed with me for the weekend.  We had a great time shopping, she had a double sleepover with her great friend, Claire and we braved a snowstorm!!  Very exciting!!  Here are some pics from the trip
 Nicholas and Savannah with Sloan in the middle (Sloan is their snowboarding instructor...2 years in a row with Sloan)
 Grammy, Oompa, with Nicholas and Savannah
 Everyone....with daddy too this time (he is mainly the photographer on the ski trip)
While Madison, Claire and I shopped at the mall, I found a dress to wear to Jeremy's Aunt Julie's 80th birthday party
(I had some dresses that I was choosing from, but Jeremy said that none of them showed our little baby bump enough....Jeremy is such a joyful daddy.  I just love him so much
These are the boots that I decided to wear to the mall.....They are so cute, but really Kerry?!?!
I had to sit down as the girls shopped!!  I'm 8 months I crazy?!?!? They were so uncomfortable!!

Madison and I had a wonderful weekend together.  I just love our girl time!! BUT our family comes home  in 2 days and we miss them a lot!!

Thank you, Jesus for family trips, daddy's to take the kids on family trips when mommy cannot go along, mommy/daughter weekends......and coming home after all of the fun in over