Friday, March 28


This is a "selfie" of me right before moving up to Labor and Delivery to finally meet my sweet baby Isaac
(Daddy is busy moving all of our stuff out of our hospital room)

Dear little Isaac,
  I cannot wait to meet you and see your sweet little face.  I have to admit that I am a little sad as I realize that you won't be in my belly anymore.  You were all mine and I loved every minute of it, Isaac. Your daddy and I prayed for you for so many did your big sisters and big brother.  I never thought that I would be blessed enough to feel a little life growing inside of me again.  It is like nothing of this earth.  My Jesus spoils me again and again!!  I am so happy that you are finally ready to meet us but I will miss you a lot.  God Bless you little one.....You are TRULY a miracle baby!  You are strong and precious.  Our Lord will be truly glorified through your birth.  He already has been!!  Your mommy loves you so much!!
See you soon

Love, Mommy