Tuesday, March 18



We've been so blessed that I have been so healthy (after a rough start)....just enjoying being pregnant and preparing for our little one to arrive.  Jeremy, the kids and I have enjoyed shopping and decorating and just talking about our little brother Isaac.  We cannot wait to see him and hold him and kiss him.  We are counting down the days.

In the past week or two I have been short of breath again (between baby Isaac, and trying to breath, my weight is dropping as well).  To add to all of this, I have a dislocated rib that has been really painful.....still thankful and feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!  These little grievences are totally expected in the last weeks of carrying a baby for all women, and I have been relishing in the normal hardships that all of us girls are so fortunate to experience.  How awesome to be able to grow another life inside of me!!
I went to my Dr today and she and my other Dr agree that they need to be monitoring me closely during these last few weeks of carrying Isaac.  I was admitted to the hospital today and will be here for the duration of my pregnancy.  Oh no.....I don't want to be away from home and from the family.  I do not want to be in the hospital.  I will offer this suffering up for our little one inside of me.  My OB has decided that she wants to deliver Isaac as soon as he is ready so that my body can regain strength and heal.  I have never been induced before....our other 3 have been early, but I see the reasoning behind her wise and loving decision.  My body is older and sicker these days.  I want to be able to be there for my children and healthy enough to take care of them....especially a new baby, who takes a lot of special care.  I agree that I need to let me body rest and recover asap.  She is inducing Isaac on Sunday March 30th.  I will officially be 38 weeks and Isaac is really doing well and will be ready by then.  So 12 days until Isaac arrives!! Oh my goodness....we are so excited!!  The kids are over the moon!!  We all are!! See you on the 30th....if not sooner : )