Thursday, May 15


"Once upon a time there was a plain and ordinary girl who was asked by the God that she so desperately loved to walk through a long and hot fire and He was with her EVERY step of the way"
(I felt called again to share this beautiful quote that has inspired and comforted me SO MUCH in my journey...Because my amazing Father in Heaven has NEVER left my side...not even once through any of this.  I am so blessed to be carried totally carried by my Daddy...which I love to refer to Him as, especially in prayer.  He is my Dad and I love being a Daddy's girl)

Praise be to our Lord Jesus.......I get to go home today!!!
Wow, how far Jesus has brought His little girl....I still weep as I really attempt to wrap my head around everything.  I feel extremely overwhelmed, but as I shutter to think of all of it, I remember that my Lord Jesus carries me always.  I need to keep focusing on that.  It's not my strength but my Daddy's

His Holy and Beautiful Cross will NEVER ask for more than I can give, for it's not my strength but His

"Thank you for my life, Father."  "Thank you for this special and perfect suffering that you have blessed me with at my creation."

 "Thank you for allowing this special cross (that could only fit my heart) to be ONLY OURS for so many years.....something that was just between You and I, Lord."  Thank you for allowing me to silently suffer for You up until now (I am so absolutely humbled to be blessed in this way)
I have been SO HONORED to carry this cross and will continue to carry it, in just the way that You Will me to, as long as You Will me to."
"Lord, Jesus, As You continue to amaze me with all of  Your wonderful surprises, I trust that You have brought this suffering out for all to see now, for YOUR glory in just the way that it pleases You.  I have always feared bringing it forth for the world to see, but, how little I am to think that this cross was ever mine to hide away for myself.  This cross is Yours, to do with, whatever You desire.  I am merely the receiver of such a blessing.

"The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away....blessed be the Name of the Lord" (Job 1:21)

Thank you for all of the miracles that have been brought to light during this time. Our family feels honored and humbled to be Your precious Hands in this matter.....hopefully we will always allow You to shine brilliantly though our souls.

With Love and with my entire heart,