Sunday, December 21


Some really nice friends of ours Audry and Rodger, treated Jeremy and I, along with Bree and Andy to an amazing date night!!  Jeremy and I always appreciate those special times together.  This was an exceptionally special date because we were invited to a Dallas Cowboys game.....but these weren't just any tickets! 
They were more than I could have ever hoped for.  Nervous that I would have to miss, I woke up feeling better on the morning of game day, after being sick for about 4 days....God is so good to me 
We got to go down on the field before the game to hang out with all of the famous people.  Wow, I didn't realize that there was an entire culture of Cowboy fans that got this special kind of experience.  It was such a great day (but details are always to easy for me to forget) I will blog some pics because I want to remember it forever!!
Here we are on the field with the players before the game.  The Football players are SUCH HUGE guys!  They look SO MUCH bigger in person, I have to say!

Jeremy and I with Richard Rawlings from the reality  TV show "Fast and Loud"
He smelled REALLY good too!!
 We met Governor Chris Christie...we are totally hanging out with the politicians!
St.. Nicholas was there too! Guess who got the prized position of getting to sit on "The Big Guy's" lap!!
 It doesn't seem like football season if you haven't spent some time with Jerry Jones.....Gotta chat with Jerry!!
 Checking in with our Texas Governor, Gregg Abbott.  Such an honorable guy too....just so happens, he's a faithful Catholic....just sayin'
What.....a selfie with THE ACTUAL "Papa John" of Papa John's Pizza!!  I told him how much I LOVED his pizza (which I really do love it) and He handed me a Papa Johns gift card!!
Kori Robertson from Duck Dynasty.....Even though she didn't even see me as she walked by, I totally consider her one of my girlfriends now : )
I was very starstruck when I saw Willy Robertson from Duck Dynasty......Hey, I just became friends with his wife : )

Emmit Smith....very humble to smile for my picture.....why didn't I make this one a selfie?!?!? I guess that I was too nervous
But, I must add that.....during the game, we got to enjoy an elegant and totally yummy buffet in the Cowboys Club
 There is the top of my head sitting down with my big plate full of food
Oh my goodness, I didn't want to stop eating!! It was truly a banquet fit for a king!  I was so humbled to get to taste all of this incredible food and be blessed enough to attend this unbelievable party.  There were tons of yummy main dishes, desserts, and even sushi!! All of my favorites!
And that was not even the end of this incredible experience!  We got to take a tour of the Cowboys tour bus

Wow it was so dazzling and luxurious inside!  The Cowboys travel in comfort and style, I must say!
Silk couches that were SO soft and glass curio cabinets with expensive crystal figurines displayed inside.
Reclining leather chairs, wood floors and 8 big screen TVs so that no sporting event is missed while traveling on the road.

All in all, it was a day that I will never forget!  So many people will never get to experience all of these glorious moments that I got to, so I am thankful today for all of the kindness that we were shown by our friends, who invited us to share in their joyous occasion.