Wednesday, April 29


One year ago today, April 29, 2014, I almost lost it when I couldn't breathe
I am an ordinary girl.....but I am married to an extraordinary boy!

Dear Jeremy,

I love being your wife.  I feel so grateful for you everyday.  As the years go by (married 18 years this July) my love for you grows.  True love doesn't stale.  It doesn't grow boring or impatient or get antsy. It grows in intensity for all of the right reasons.  I love being around you everyday.  Even though, we have been together since we were 18 years old (I absolutely love that thought), I look forward to your call everyday on your way home from work.  I miss you when you are not in the same room as I am.  I love just talking to you about nothing (sometimes I really don't have much to say) but I still want to share our thoughts, laughter, or just chat.  On July 19, 1997, when we said our marriage vows, I really had no idea what "Until death do we part" meant, but I don't think that we would be able to really understand it at that point.
But today, when I think of those words, tears fill my eyes as these words absolutely define my life and my world.  We are on a journey side by side together, heading home  to Christ  (sometimes it is not even side by side....sometimes you are in front of me as the spiritual leader of our family, leading me by the hand)  
Christ is truly the center of our lives...that is probably why you have put up with me for so long.....I love blurting out (when we are arguing)  "Well, you are stuck with me for life, Buddy!"  That is the most amazing thought ever, isn't it?!?
  The thought of living just one day without you makes my heart drop.  Thank you for loving me.  Thank you for taking care of me.  Thank you for making me feel so honored and cherished each and every day.
Thank you so much for being thankful for me.

A year ago today, when I was SO SICK, it was so scary for me and for you and for our family.  I am so sorry that you and our little ones had to go through that.  I pray each day that our Lord continues to bless me with strength and good health.  But whatever happens, I know that it will be His Most Holy and Perfect Will.  What a blessing our crosses have been for our marriage and to our family.  Thank you for sending me beautiful flowers and expressing how much you need me.  I feel so inadequate so often, as you hold everything together when I am unable to.
I love you, Jeremy and I love being Mrs. Kerry Lustig
 Beautiful roses from my Love, Jeremy

Dear Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, and Isaac,

I love being your mommy so much.  You make me a better version of myself each day.  You make me so happy and I am so grateful that our Lord chose me to be your mommy......What an honor it is for sure.  I love being known as "Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, and Isaac's mommy."  Please know that I will always love you and that our Lord will always take care of you, no matter what the future holds for us.

Dear Jesus,

Thank You for loving me so much as to bless me with a beautiful cross that is a continual reminder of my dependency on You (which gets forgotten so easily in our human-ness).  My every blessing, every Grace, everything good in me, my every breath comes from You.  I trust in You Jesus and I pray fervently to always keep You in the Center of my, tomorrow and forever.  You are truly my everything.  I Love You through the wonderful family, that you gifted me with and through the beautiful Faith that You so Mercifully graced me with.

I am feeling very grateful today for my life.  Please work through me to bring many souls back to You.   That is the entire reason for my mission on earth.  Without You, my life would be completely pointless and empty.

Today is truly a day of joy and celebration.  I always want to remember it as it reminds me of how blessed I truly am.  Thank you so much to my friends and family for celebrating it with me.

 Me at 4 years old....June 9, 1979

When I was 4 years old, my mom and dad took me to a Catholic Charismatic Conference in Michigan.  There was a well known Sister, named Sr. Briege McKenna, who was blessed with a gift.

 Sr. Briege Mckenna

  Jesus healed the sick through her laying hands on them and praying.  My mom and dad brought me to the conference in hopes that Sr. Briege would lay hands on me so that Jesus might choose to heal me of my CF.  My parents have always showed so much faith in our Lord, laying everything at His Feet, but at the same time, they have always desired Christ Will above all...but as Jesus has exhibited to us through holy Scripture, He wants us to ask Him for special blessings or healings, as this shows our undying Faith in Him. 
I don't really remember this experience but I have been told of it numerous times.  Mother Angelica was also at this conference....Boy, I wish that I could remember being in the presence of these holy apostles of Christ.
During the last day of the conference, 3 people were called to the front to be prayed over by Sr. Briege.....One of them was me!!!!
My daddy took my hand and began walking me down the stairs of the auditorium to the front.  On my way down, I tripped and fell on the stairs....and being only 4 years old, I began to cry. 
Sr. Briege, stopped what she was saying and exclaimed to the crowd, "I am praying right now for that little child who is crying."  I heard her say this and yelled out, "Daddy...that's me, I have been healed!"

Well, I was lead down the stairs as my dad consoled me and Sr. Briege did in fact pray over me for my healing.  Here is the amazing part.....Sr. Briege came and spoke 2 weeks ago in front of a Catholic group that Jeremy and I are in (Legatus).  I couldn't wait to meet her and introduce myself.....not that she would remember me, but I wanted to thank her so much for praying over me, so many years ago.  
When I finally got the chance to meet her, I was really nervous as this has always meant so much to me...she was so kind and so loving. I told her who I was and then I told her that, I was now MUCH older than 4 years old, and that I was also a wife and a mother of 4 children.....All miracles, indeed.  I told her that through her prayers, Jesus blessed me with many years of health and continues to bless me every day with continued life!  It was very humbling and powerful to meet her face to face after I had heard about her for so many years.  She was so gracious and after meeting me and Jeremy, she took our hands and prayed with me again.

Jeremy, myself and Sr. Briege at the Legatus Meeting
April 9, 2015