Friday, May 15


Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas dressed and ready for Field day at school!  You can see what team color they are by their different T shirts......and by the way.....that creepy little blue man is Nicholas!  He is going all out this year to show his 4th grade team spirit!  My kids are so much fun!  What a great day they will have!  Only one more week of school until I get to have them ALL SUMMER to myself.  I cannot wait!

Thank you, Lord Jesus for this amazing Christ- Centered school that you blessed us with.  My little ones did SO GOOD this year at school.  Thank you for being with them and Jeremy and I, every step of the way.  You are my Creator, my Savior, and my Every Breath.  Help our family to always follow You as You are guiding us safely Home!  Thank you so much for my amazing husband and children.  They are my heart's delight