Saturday, May 16


Madison was in her high school play this evening.  Wow, it was a great production.  Madison played the part of the comic relief, "Nick Bottom/Pyramus".  Her character actually wears a donkey mask through 1/2 of the play.  Madison really played her part well.  She kept the audience laughing again and again.  She really had a great time!  She was pretty nervous before the performance, but once my sweet girl entered the stage, she BECAME "Pyramus"!  I was so happy to see her truly shine as she graced the stage!
She really enjoyed all of the kids in the play with her.  It is just a great group of friends!

Here are some pics of the performance....Some of these pics, my friend, Amanda took.  I didn't have a great seat for pics because we had to sit further back with Isaac.  Being only 14 months old, he has very limited theater manners
 Madison as "Nick Bottom"
Madison, after she turns into "Pyramus" (the donkey)

After watching my Madison tonight, you would never believe me if I told you that she was such a timid and shy little one NOT so long ago.
She is truly a beautiful butterfly

What an amazing and unforgettable night for Madison and for the Faustina Academy High School performers