Sunday, May 3


Lake Granbury is finally full after 3 years of dwindling water levels!  Our Lord is so gracious to bless us so abundantly!  We were able to put our boat into the water for the first time in over 2 years!  Christ's Beautiful Rains generously overflowed our humble little lake and a city that was dying, will now be reborn with this purifying water!!

"You turned winter into spring, You take every living thing, and You Breathe the Breath of Life into it, over and over again!"
"You make all things New"
(All Things New, Steven Curtis Chapman)

I know that I quoted that song in another post about our lake, but wow, if you could only see the changes in just the simple spirit of our little town, you would feel greatly moved to Praise Him over and over again!
Everyone on the lake was just jovial this weekend!  For my Jesus is so good to His children, that He first formed in us an unquestionable thirst for that water that we had that when He finally showered us with His great Surprise of that abounding rain, we would feel, even a stronger bliss than we could have felt, if given this gift, even one day was all in His most Perfect Timing!

I love how You ALWAYS does that, Jesus....You are the best at surprising!!

This was Isaac's first time on the boat or even in a lake
Mr Blue-eyes in his baby life jacket....oh my goodness, he looked like a little button
Getting to drive with Daddy...notice Isaac's little nose, flaring in the wind (Grandma noticed that in this picture)
Even his little flip flops were darling.....he really enjoyed going so fast
I got to hold Isaac....he felt like a baby tick...He was just so puffy
When he tried to walk, he would just fall over because of the strange balancing of the life jacket. It made us all laugh.....which in turn, made Isaac laugh too!  He is such a little clown
Finally standing up on his own....for a few seconds, at least
Me and Isaac
He was waving his arms in the air, feeling the wind!
Okay....Isaac did not last very long on the boat.  He got tired of his jacket and of the inability to stand or walk by himself, so I took him into the house and we had a nap together (that was the absolute best snuggling ever)

Isaac will surly learn to enjoy the boat....but for now, he will just enjoy it in SMALL doses.