Sunday, May 10


Nicholas carefully placed each of these rosebuds around the statue of Our Lady with the upmost gentleness, as the peddles were beginning to fall off of them.
These were the roses given to me by my love, Jeremy to celebrate me getting better

Lord, I pray that I am even just a tiny bit like Your beautiful mother
I Can't think of a better example of a mother, who patience, true charity and faith radiate from her entire being.....Lord, that I may emulate her example of complete and total self-giving motherly Love

I try and live by Mary's example as a Mother (as well as an authentic servant of Christ).....She is just so beautifully meek and humble, as in holy Scripture, she is always thoughtfully, patient, as well as silently pondering things in her Immaculate Heart....I am not very Graceful at my "silent pondering" yet (working on it).

I absolutely LOVE being a mom!  It is all I ever really wanted to be!  Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of marrying a super handsome and nice boy and being a mommy and having LOTS of kids!   Is that a lofty list or what!!

Well, Jesus blessed me with that super handsome and NICE boy, Jeremy, who turned out to be more than my heart could have ever desired.......and
Dearest, Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, and Isaac,
My vocation as your mother is the reason why I am even a little bit self-less.  You 4 children have taught me true patience, total charity and the tenacious love of allowing my heart to literally walk around outside of my body! That is what it means to be your mommy. (I heard that description of motherhood at a retreat and it is SO TRUE)  When you are joyful, I am joyful, but when you are hurting,  mommy is hurting so deeply, I literally die inside when I see you in pain!!

I never really understood what love was until I became your mommy.  I never really understood how much Jesus could love me, until I became your mommy.  I love you all SO MUCH, that if Jesus loves me even a fraction as much as I love you, then I would be forever blessed beyond what I will ever understand!!  But you know what.....Jesus loves me (you too) a trillion times more than we could ever love another and He loves with a Perfect Love, where my love (even as strong as it is) is human and imperfect.  Being your mommy, truly makes me a better version on myself

More about Christ's Perfect Love for us.....
Wow....we are so blessed to be loved so Perfectly and so Purely all of the time no matter what!  How could we ever worry about worldly things when the Creator of the world is our Father and is watching over us, loving us and thinking about each one of us every second!  He IS in fact that Awesome!!  He is "Who Is"  He is "The Alpha and the Omega", He is "Everything and More"


(Flowers and cards from my babies)
 Savannah's "Top 8" reasons why she loves that I am her mommy...Mother's Day Card
 Nicholas' "Top 4" reasons why he loves that I am his mommy...Mother's Day Card
Madison's Mother's Day Card for me
My Mother's Day breakfast in bed...a homemade breakfast sandwich, heart-shaped hash browns (with cheese), a couple of powdered donuts and my favorite White Mocha (Jeremy had to drive in the pouring rain to pick it up this morning)
I am a super spoiled mommy-princess today

Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, and Isaac,
Daddy and my love for you children is so incredibly strong and we will love you no matter what you do, forever and always!!

Thank you for celebrating me and my mommy-hood today!  Being your mommy brings me a lifetime of joy!

I love you Madison, Savannah Nicholas, and Isaac