Tuesday, May 26



It is 1:25pm....first day of summer and Nicholas and Savannah have already managed to get into an argument!!

I heard them fussing at each other and called them both to come and see me......

(the official script)

(me) "Are you kidding that you are already fighting!" (I said, in a sarcastic and less than patient voice)

(Savannah) "No, mom.....We are fine."  

(Nicholas)  "We were just playing!"

(me) "It didn't sound like playing at all!" "We are NOT starting out summer like this...." "I am going to make it worth your while, NOT to argue."  "So now, you each get to write an apology letter to each other....FULL PAGE!"

Both walked away silently and headed to the kitchen to write their letters.  Nicholas came in about 10 minutes later and told me that he wrote his letter and tried his best to make it a full page, but he just couldn't think of anything else to say

(Nick) "Mom, I really wrote all that I could and I just cannot fill the entire page, what should I do?"
.....I thought for a mintute...looked at his letter (his letter was very sweet and complete) so I told him...

(me)  "Well, I guess that you are going to have to keep copying your letter over and over again until it reaches the bottom of the page" (creative homeschool mom trick)

He did just that.....then I had both Nick and Savannah come in and read their letters to each other.  
It was actually a very sweet moment.  As each of them read their words (in their voice) to the other, their faces softened and I realized that, this little punishment paid out 10-fold in blessings

  I just want them to remember how sweet their true feelings are compared to what they show each other sometimes
 Savannah reading her letter to Nicholas
Savannah's Letter to Nicholas
Dear Nick,
I am very sorry for acting this way.  How I was acting wasn't worth hurting our friendship.  I would never try to be mean to you, but sometimes I lose my temper and do something stupid to make you stop what you are doing.  Even though I was just trying to stop you from what you were doing, it wasn't right.  Just because we have different opinions on things, doesn't meant we should act this way.  I am 12, almost 13 and I should know better than to act that way.  Our way of having fun, isn't the best way.  I think running in your room is fun and you think the same about mine, but when we do it to each other, we get mad, but what we don't realize that neither of us likes it when it is done to us, that is why I am making a special effort to treat others the way that I want to be treated.  At night, before bed, we pray for patience, but God isn't going to just give it to us, He makes obstacles so that you can use that patience.  When I feel bad about something, I don't say it in a nice way.  I yell and tell you to stop which isn't right. I will try to be more calm when it comes to things like this.  I never want to hurt your feelings and hope that you will forgive me.  I was being foolish in my words and actions and will make it my first priority to stop.  I love you!!!!!!
I hope that you don't think that I don't hang out with you a lot.  Sometimes I feel that I need alone time but realize that not playing with you can ruin our friendship.  Like today we were fighting because we couldn't decide what to play and being the older one, I should have given in and played what you wanted to play.  Again, I am sorry and really hope you will forgive me because I love you and never want to hurt your feelings.
 Nicholas reading his letter to Savannah
Nicholas' letter to Savannah 
Dear Savannah,
I am very sorry for making you mad by stomping and running into your room.  I did not mean to be mean.  I just wanted to be funny and make you laugh.  All I want is for us to be best friends forever.  I am very sorry for when I am ever mean to you and hurt your feelings
love Nick
(remember that Nick's letter was shorter so I made him copy it over until it filled the page)

This little hiccup during the very first day of summer was really a blessed way to start it off. When Savannah and Nicholas left the room after reading their letters, they were not just sorry and running off to play again (like they do when I just fuss at them for arguing)  There was a difference in their faces, as well as in their demeanor and I could tell that they were truly touched at how much they loved each other.  They discussed what they wanted to play and quickly agreed on something that made them both happy.
What a great way to start our summer. 

My initial feeling of INSANITY....was followed by true peace in my mommy's heart

Checked off of Mom's Todo List
1.  Summer writing 
2. Virtues training in patience and charity
3. True Peace in the house

Thank you, Jesus for working through me to have them connect in this most special and most important way