Monday, July 6


Nicholas is such a great big brother

Lately, Jesus has been revealing to me, all kinds of beautiful attributes of my precious little Nicholas

As I pray, our Lord is connecting so many dots for me as to why Nicholas does some of the things that he does.  He is very protective of me and tries to be strong (like daddy) when he is really afraid.

Nicholas is afraid that if he is leaves me, that something might happen to me....especially after how sick I became last spring.  He has always worried about me, wanting to know where I am at all times, but at the same time will be rather coy and not reveal this fear out loud.
He resists being away from me for too long.  He is my one kid that will always ask...."When are we going to homeschool again so that we can be together?"

Nicholas loves being with Jeremy SO MUCH!  According to Nicholas, not only does his Daddy do no wrong, but that his daddy is the best at EVERYTHING that he does (which is very true....Jeremy is amazing at pretty much.....everything)  
But there is a soft little heart inside of that brave little hunter, that he only shares with mommy.  My time with him is precious and lately I am realizing that it is even more precious to him, then I could have ever imagined.
He loves to be held and kissed, even though he giggles and shies away when I grab him by the face and kiss his soft cheeks over and over...and over again.....then I pretend that I am stuck to him, and we laugh together.
He yearns for quiet time for just the 2 of us and there is truly a mom-shaped space that God carefully placed in his fragile little heart that can only be filled by me.
So, with this recent prayerful inspiration, I have been making sure that I am taking some "just the 2 of us" time together throughout the day.  Little short moments that we can just "love each other."
The other night I read this poem to him that I found, about mothers and sons

Before I read it, I called him into my room and laid in bed next to him and told him how much I loved him.  I told him how important he was to me as I snuggled him and kissed his dimple. He laughed and jokingly pulled away from me but then moved right back close to me as I began to read
I made the joke that....what he was about to hear me read, would surly be the BEST part of his day.....

Here is the poem
As I read it, he was smiling and at one point, said "Yes mom, that sentence is true"
After I finished, I sat up and told him that he could go up and get ready for bed....He smiled at me and looked at me in all sincerity as he said...."Well mom,  that WAS the best part of my day"

I gave him another hug and then he went upstairs

Thank You, my Dear Sweet Jesus for that moment that Nicholas and I shared.  I know that it will be a moment that I never will forget and I hope that he remembers it as well, but more improtantly, I pray that he remembers how much he means to me and how thankful I am that I was chosen, by You, to be his mommy

I am a mommy who desperately needs her son and Nicholas is a son who desperately needs his mommy.  I am so grateful for that most special mother/son bond
I love you Nicholas 
love, mommy