Thursday, July 23


Jeremy and I are truly kids at heart!  
You know how kids always think that their daddies and mommies are having TONS of fun after the kids go off to bed?

Setting the Scene
Thursday night at 9:30pm

Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas were in bed for the night,  and baby Isaac was sleeping soundly in his nursery.  I had been stuck, sick in bed all day (actually for a few days), as Jeremy and the kids had been trying to help me to get better!  I had a little cabin fever, to say the least

Okay, back to the scene
Jeremy and I were watching TV in bed as we were slowly growing tired.....As we perused the different channels, we happened to come across the show "Grill Master's Challenge" on the Food Network.  Well, as we watched these talented chefs grilling BBQ chicken, basting each piece in their spicy secret rubs and juicy caramelized marinades, Jeremy and I began to grow hungry....replacing the tiredness we felt only a few minutes before.

Then, I had a great idea.......
I don't have many great ideas, so when I finally pull all of my resources together to form one, it's usually a pretty good one

So, I look at Jeremy....
"Jeremy, wouldn't it be AWESOME to be actually EATING BBQ, while watching these chefs PREPARING BBQ on TV?"
It didn't take a lot of convincing until Jeremy found himself googling local BBQ joints in our area that might still be open at 9:30pm on a Thursday

Well, all of the BBQ places were closed already.

But this incredible idea was too good to give up on that easily......hmmmmm

"Jeremy....BOSTON MARKET!"  "Boston Market has BBQ chicken and I think that they stay open until 10:00pm!"

Only 20 minutes until closing!  I quickly paused the TV and Jeremy jumped into the car and headed full speed for Boston Market. He soon returned with an entire BBQ chicken......Wow, it smelled good!
We grabbed some forks and napkins, un-paused the TV and proceeded to eat ALL of the BBQ chicken in our bed, while watching "BBQ Grill Masters"

It was awesome!!
There was even some BBQ sauce on our sheets by the end of that great feast!
I totally think that we should plan all meals around ideas like this.  Check the Verizon Guide and see what else we can eat while we watch it being prepared on TV!

Not many husbands would jump into the car late at night to bring their wives BBQ chicken to eat in their bed!  I am loved!  I might be the luckiest girl in the, I AM the luckiest and most blessed girl in the world (as I am licking BBQ sauce from my fingers)

These are moments that we will remember for a lifetime and moments that will put a smile on our faces every time we think of it.

It's situations like these that keep marriages strong!

Thank you for the BBQ chicken, Jeremy!  Thank you for taking such good care of me.