Thursday, July 16


Today I planned on taking Savannah along with me to Confession up at church.  I have been needing to go, as regular Confession is such a beautiful blessing and I wanted Savannah to have that opportunity too.  Nicholas and Madison will be able to go receive this beautiful Sacrament at The Pines summer camp this week.

The plan was for Savannah and I to go while Jeremy stayed with Isaac.  Well, Savannah woke up sick this morning (there is a virus alive and well in the house)
So, I was going to still go and leave both Savannah and Isaac home with Jeremy 

As you might have gathered, Confession is not an easy Sacrament to practice, but one of my VERY FAVORITE Sacraments because it carries with it so many Graces and healing.

The time for me to leave came close and Jeremy had not made it home yet. I was already a little stressed and needed to start for church because the Confession lines can be long if you do not go early.'s truly beautiful to see so many coming to repent and be made new again!

BUT...I was stressed.  Savannah was just NOT feeling well at ALL, so I could not leave Isaac with her in good conscience. Isaac was really crabby and being pretty high maintenance at this point of the day....... So, as any fearless mother would do in a time of crisis, I just threw Isaac in his carseat and headed for church (he had no shoes on and I did not even have my diaper bag)

As I left the driveway, tears began to roll down my cheeks as I listened to sweet but crabby Isaac in the back seat fussing.  I REALLY wanted to go and this would be my one chance in the next week to go.  I had such a hard week and was finally breaking down as I was making my way to face Christ, carrying with me, all of my humble failings (not that He didn't already know)

I did everything I could to not just turn around and head back home frustrated,  just deciding that it was not meant to be for me today.  As I was driving to the church and Isaac was increasing in rage, Jeremy texts that he is on his way home and for me to just leave Isaac at home and he will relieve Savannah in only a few minutes.

But I was already gone and it was too late to turn around!!  I texted him to meet me in a parking lot where he was near and I could then just pass on Isaac to Jeremy, so that he could take him home.  Jeremy was on the phone when I pulled up and he began to unstrap Isaac to put him into his car.  I mouthed to him "Do you wanna go with me?"  He shrugged his shoulders and said "Yeah...okay, I never miss a chance for Confession!"

We drove in tandem until we reached our destination
Already Lord, You have gifted me with a second blessing that I did not even see.  Jeremy got to come with me and now we will both be made new today.  Thank You

We got Isaac in his stroller and wheeled him into the Sanctuary.  Man was he bad!! He was yelling in glee as he realized that his voice echoed in the huge space.  We were fourth and fifth in one of the three lines.  Jeremy walked Isaac around the church, trying to calm him down as we waited for Fr Mullan to arrive.  The Sanctuary was completely silent as people prayed and prepared their hearts.....except for Isaac who was totally screaming!
Here is a quick selfie that I snapped as Jeremy paced up and down the back isles as he prepares his Confession on his iPhone.  Nothing more romantic than a strong and virtuous (and handsome) father, am I right, ladies?!?!

To make this long story just a little longer, instead of a lot longer, I'll get to the end

Five crackers, a rosary, and my electric toothbrush (that Isaac grabbed on his way out the door) later ......Jeremy and I both got to go to Confession and Isaac made the entire event.....well, more eventful!

Here are some pics I took of Isaac after my Confession while Jeremy was inside receiving his Sacrament
 Oh my goodness little were so bad at church today!!!
 No shoes and No manners!!
 But, you are so stinkin' cute!!
Ugh, Isaac.......I am such a sucker for my babies!  You are so kissable

It will be our 18th wedding anniversary in three days and I CANNOT think of a better way to start out our anniversary weekend!

Oh Jesus, You are all knowing and always pleasing your children more than we could ever even realize.  It is always Your Perfect Plan that brings true blessings
Thank You for all of the blessing that You constantly shower me with....thank You also for all of the blessings that I do not even see with my human-ness
I love you