Sunday, August 23



Jeremy took Nicholas with him this weekend to work at their hunting Lease.  Nicholas is such a hard worker, who never tires or complains......just like his daddy.  And through their father/son times together, Nicholas will learn how to be a strong and Godly man someday just like his daddy.

While Nicholas was there, he was looking for something to bring home for me and the girls.  He found these really cool nutshells on the ground that were the shape of a heart on the inside.  He presented each of his sisters with the beautiful gift that he had found and they were very pleased.
After that, he handed me mine with a smile on his face
"This one is for you, mom"

"Oh Nicholas, thank you"  "This is so beautiful and even more special because you found something that God made naturally into the shape of a heart"

I then, kissed and hugged him and the girls walked out of the room.

"Mom", he said...."Look at my shell....don't tell the girls, but my shell and your shell were the only 2 shells that fit perfectly together"
And then he took his sweet little fingers, with "lease dirt" still under his fingernails and showed me how they fit together perfectly to make one.

Thank you Nicholas for a gift that truly melted my heart!  I love you so much and I love how Jesus blessed you with such a thoughtful heart, that you searched special, to find something that even went beyond the beauty of the original gift.  I love how our hearts fit perfectly together!
Thank you for loving me so much