Friday, September 11


Madison was asked to homecoming just before the Faustina football game tonight. Her date surprised her with a bouquet of beautiful roses and a small sack filled with some of her favorite things. Of course when he asked her if she would go to homecoming with him, she immediately excepted with a huge smile on her face!! She and Joe are super great friends and will have an amazing time at homecoming!!
This is a picture of Madison and her two girlfriends right after she was asked to homecoming!! I was sitting in the car waiting for the football game to start (Madison had to be there an hour early to warm up)  when Madi ran over to tell me the big news...her friends were there to celebrate with her!!
Girlfriends are the best!
What's even better than being asked to homecoming… It's having your two girlfriends asked to homecoming all in the same day! What a reason for celebration!!  God is so good to make this incredible night even MORE incredible!
YAY...HOCO 2015