Friday, September 11


It's my favorite restaurant!  The yummy-ness makes me so happy!!  
We had an away football game tonight (FAR away for us Roanoke people) so, at the advice of the coach, we did not go home, we drove out to the game right after school to beat the traffic. Before the game, I took the girls out for dinner. 
 Look at these pretty girls!  Nicholas is with me too, but refused a pic of himself.....I wanted a mommy/son selfie!
 They have the best Sea Scallops ever!!  If I EVER go to jail and am sentenced to death...this will be my last meal......I will just add some Orecchiette Pasta, topped with their yummy Alexander Sauce.
 Look at these three beautiful girlfriends! So fun and so virtuous too!
 Gemma and Madison
Claire and Madison

I wish that I could eat at Pappadeaux for every meal
But, like I always tell me children,  "If every meal was our favorite, then favorite would cease to exist"
There have to be meals that we don't like in order to enjoy meals that we do like.  Otherwise every meal would be the same and there would be no increase in joy at all.

I love food.  It makes me so happy to enjoy a yummy meal!  I know how much Jesus Christ prioritized "breaking bread together"  It is joyful and intimate.  Feeding our body with the delicious food that God blessed us with and feeding the soul with the loved ones you are sharing it with.

Thank you Lord for amazing foods and amazing people to share that joy with!
What is the first thing that we do after we take our first bite of a delicious food?  We offer a bite to the person that we are eating with exclaiming that "this is so've got to try it!"

A meal is not truly  AS good until you can have your friend taste it and agree with you that it is the best! And if your friend likes your meal better than the one that she kinda feel like you "won" : )
Happiness is not real, until shared