Saturday, October 29


Dear Isaac
  Dear Isaac.....
You had to get your flu shot a couple of days ago, so your wonderful Grammy took you to see Dr. Gomez for this vaccine. Isaac, as a mommy, it is so hard to watch any of my little ones experience pain, but sometimes we have to go through pain to keep ourselves healthy and safe.
(Hey little buddy, on a side note...congratulations for fitting that straw up your nose)

Grammy sweetly explained to you that you had to get this shot before mommy would be allowed to come home from the hospital.

Grammy called daddy as she left the pediatrician's office to tell us how you did.

She told us that you calmly laid down on the examination table as instructed and crossed your arms over your chest.  The nurse came in with the shot and injected it into your leg.  You DID NOT cry, even one just looked up at Grammy right after and stated,
 "Ouch, that hurt."
Grammy was very impressed (as well as surprised) by your fortitude and responded, 
"Wow Isaac, you are so brave and strong!" and your response to her was.....
"Strong like Mommy!"
Oh my beautiful little boy, it brought tears to Mommy's eyes when I heard this story.  How blessed I am to be loved by you, but I have to tell you the truth...

I am not strong, nor am I the least bit brave.....
I am both weak and terrified

But my Merciful Lord Jesus, Who Loves me beyond my understanding has carried me in His mighty Arms through every second of this.

Not one of Mommy's feet has even lightly touched this difficult path, as Christ endured it Himself for me!

When I hear Daddy explaining to a nurse or doctor, even bits and pieces of our journey, I shiver and cannot believe that it could possibly be true.  It may take a lifetime of reflection to even begin to understand.

Jesus loves you and me and every person on this earth perfectly, immensely, and immeasurably.  His Love for us is both boundless as well as endless!  Isn't that awesome!

Thank you for being so brave for me.  I cannot wait to come home and hold my "baby Isaac" in my arms. Be ready, because when I come home, I am going to kiss that little freckle on your neck as I listen to your blissful laughter....and I am going to kiss your sweet little face A LOT!!  I may never stop....until we are both so tired from laughing that we lay our heads back and drift off to sleep for a long nap.....together

You are my son and a joy to my heart
I love you Isaac
Your Mommy will be home soon