Friday, May 5


PROM 2017

This was very significant because the last two dances, I was unable to help Madison get ready for this most important evening as I was too sick and stuck in the hospital, so the joy that I felt being a part of helping my little girl get ready was invaluable to both of us for sure.
Special mom and daughter time

 The make up much fun
I have NEVER had my make up professionaly done belive it or not.....I would love to go to prom again!
Time for Hair....I love playing "hair salon"
She is finished and looks so glamorous
 God truly blessed us when we found this amazing dress.  Prom dress shopping can be very emotional. Jesus surprised us with this perfect dress that made Madison feel beautiful and she just shined when she put it on
The doorbell rang and Jacob was standing on the other side looking SO AMAZINGLY handsome, with a beautiful corsage..... So nerving but so exciting at the same time
 Madison was blessed to get to go to prom with her GREAT friend Jacob.....they have a very special friendship so it was destined to be an amazing eveing of fun
 Jacob is pretty shy but NEVER fails to make Madison laugh!  She comes home with Jacob stories each day.
The hardest part of the evening........The presentation and the exchange of the corsage and the boutonniere
Jacob picked a beautiful corsage for Madison 
 What a beautiful couple
 It was defininitely an evening to remember....Jacob is such a wonderful young gentleman and Madison felt like such a princess on the arm of such a kind and virtous young man
Jacob's best friend Tommy (and really a great friend of Madison's too) drove the couple to the big event
Madison and all of her girlfriends
We love was a prom that was filled with fun, friends, and lots of dancing.  
A prom that would truly please our Lord
Faustina is filled with good and virtuous kids having an absolutely amazing time!

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for gifting Madison and Jacob with such a wonderful and magical evening! A night to remember for sure.  Thank you for the joys of life that make for the best memories.  We love You so much for these blessings
kerry ann