Wednesday, July 19



Dear Nicholas 

I'm writing this to you at the exact time that God blessed us with you......actually 2 weeks shy of when God actually blessed us so abundantly, when He created you and gifted you special to me and daddy! You were born 2 weeks early but what an awesome day that was. Madison and Savannah had both been born on Sundays and sure enough it looked like that would be His choice for you as much as I couldn't wait to see you, I secretly  prayed that your birthday would be on the next day......Monday July 19, 2004. Daddy and my wedding anniversary. And because our sweet Jesus loves to delight His children, you were born at 12:50am on that prayed for, Monday morning. Our 7th wedding anniversary!!! 
I know I've told you the story about the day I found out about was December 8th The Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I had just came home from daily Mass when Jesus gave us the best gift ever.....another little one for us to love and return to him. 

Nicholas you are 13 now and We cannot believe how the time has flown by. 

You have grown into a MOST VIRTUOUS young man. We have seen first hand your strong desire for a pure heart. People who have only crossed your path but a time or two see this eagerness to grow in virtue through pleasing and serving others. You're a natural leader, which is a big responsibility, and you are bringing souls to Christ. You are so kind, thoughtful, smart, completely hilarious and truly Holy. When you were 3 years old, you decided that you wanted to be either a priest or a polar bear.....and now you talk about wanting to be a father. I just know without a doubt that whatever vocation God calls His beloved son Nicholas to, you will answer with courage, fervent passion, and honor......praising Christ through it. 

Nicholas we wouldn't trade you for the world and like I always said when you were little AND TODAY.....whatever becomes of you, good or not so good, your mommy and daddy will always without a doubt love you!! There's nothing that you could ever do to change that. And your Loving Father in Heaven loves you with an undying and perfect Love, a gaggillion times more than we ever could. Always remember that, Nicholas. 

Happy 13th Birthday "Noodles"
 You always tell us EVERY YEAR that you're the best anniversary present that we have ever received.....and ya know what? You're totally correct! We love you Nicholas 
Mom and dad

Dearest Lord Jesus

Help us to correctly guide this beautiful young soul, that You so lovingly entrusted us with, towards Your loving and strong arms. Thank you so much for out #3....our Nicholas Noodles

kerry ann