Tuesday, October 17


(My Breath-day event last night... exactly one year after receiving my new lungs and new life)

Food gathers friends together....Food and fellowship go hand and hand

Jeremy and I have prayed so fervently for have some sort of venue to give praise and honor to God for my new life and to thank all of those faith-filled souls who prayed for Gracie Ann and myself.. 
We not only wanted to thank them for their prayers, but to also give them a chance to see how awesomely our Lord answered their cries by seeing myself and Gracie Ann in person and how good we are doing,
So, Jeremy surprised me with a special reception on my actual Breathday (the 1 year anniversary of my new lungs and new life)
What a great opporutunity to invite these special people into our home to praise our Loving Father in heaven and to thank them for their invaluable prayers in person.

My heart (as well as Jeremy’s) feels so much peace having this blessed opportunity to thank and embrace so many precious prayer warriors who prayed for both Gracie Ann and myself. It was a night of truly glorifying our Lord and standing in gratitude for all of you faithful souls, who fell to your knees, storming heaven for us.......our Precious Lord Jesus heard your cries and answered your prayers in such an incredible and miraculous way.
I have been so..so..spoiled by our Lord, as He so graciously saw fit to use ME, a scrawny, scared, and weak little soul, to work inside of, to Glorify Him in such an amazing way. 
I have always prayed that no one ever does, or will ever see ME....I want the world to only see the most Beautiful and most Holy Reflection of Christ within me....for I am nothing, He is everything!! For I have nothing to offer Him but my brokenness....for even the smallest amount of good inside of me is Him already!!!
Please know that even though not everyone was able to attend and unfortunately, some may not have even known (we did all that we could think of, to get the word out to absolutely EVERYONE) about this celebration of miracles and praises, I stand in gratitude for ALL of you and I have been and promise to always pray for each and everyone of you, each and every day....and I will forever!! 

I am humbled as I now realize that over 300 friends were able to come, and this was only a fraction of all who fervently prayed for us.... Our house was literally bursting with Joyful noise!! For this, we will be forever grateful!

Jeremy and I were unable to truly capture all of the abundantly beautiful moments that last evening brought......As we were literally living in the joy, capturing each and every interaction in our hearts and not necessarily "capturing" these special moments on film.  All of the blessings of these most precious visits from the souls who stormed Heaven for me and Gracie Ann were overwhelmingly powerful.

But, even though we do not have a lot of pictures to commemorate, It brought us such great joy to see everyone sharing food and fellowship, tears and laughter together....All in honor of Him!!  God bless you all!
All Praise and Glory Be to the Father and to Son and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end