Friday, March 30


A beautiful and holy priest, Fr Mike Schmitz inspired me to look at the Crucifixion in a whole new light....these most inspired ideas are all his, but he asked us to personalize them to ourselves because they are absolute truth


I turned away when I first glanced at this gruesome picture......but Jesus ...I am owning this horrid image of You, bruised and broken....because I painted it
I did this to You.....I hammered a rusty nail into Your Holy and Loving Hand...I knew that it was wrong, but I did it anyway.....
And yet.....You still Loved me
Then I walked away from You.....only a couple of steps and I turned back around as You could not stand up anymore but still tied to the pillar, and I kicked You with all of the strength that I could muster up, right in Your side....You were so beat down, that I could see Your Flesh where Your Skin was literally torn off.  I don't even know why I did it, but I just did it...
and yet....You still Loved me
Then I leaned down, while You laid there on Your Back in total agony and I punched You in Your most beautiful, Holy, bloody and bruised Face as hard as I could...
 And yet....You still loved me

I scourged You....I crucified You....but You mercifully redeemed me anyway
My sins against You were not, and are not anonymous....You knew that it was me, kerry ann, the entire time.  You knew my name....You knew everything about me
I need to own MY personal part in Your dreadful Crucifixion, Jesus
And I'm sorry

Jesus, I must first write MY name the one who hurt you......
In order for You to write Your Name down....on my heart

I love You my Jesus......Oh I weep as I plead with You to please have mercy on me, my most wonderful Jesus.......
Perfect Mercy that I DO NOT deserve

"No greater Love than this.....
That You should lay down Your Life
For someone such as me
I'll spend my lifetime wondering why"

"The beauty of Heaven is here in my heart
And I know there can be 
No Greater Love"
"No Greater Love", By Rachael Lampa

I love You my sweet Jesus
You GAVE me Your Life and I OWE you my life.  It is Yours dear Father.....Take it
Form me into what is truly pleasing to You.....I want nothing more

kerry ann