Friday, July 27


There is this beautiful lady at daily Mass that has caught my little Isaac's eye.  Each and every Mass, he gives her special hugs at the "Sign of Peace".  It started when she started sitting right in front of us at Mass
(we always sit in the same pew.....with the stained glass window depicting "Abraham and Isaac"....with a smaller stained glass window above, with St. Joseph and across the pew on the other wall, a smaller stained glass window with St. Ann.  This pew was chosen by in other words, Jesus picked it special for us) as I cannot sit even near the front of Mass because of sickness.....everyone sneezes forwards : )
Anyway, this pew is about 4 pews from the back and I noticed the Abraham and Isaac stained glass, so we sat there....only to find out that there were so many other special reasons that Jesus chose this pew for us...He is always pleasing me each and every minute.
One of His glorious surprises was Ms Raquel sitting in front of Isaac and i.  What started with smiles and sweet handshakes became an instant love!
Isaac gets so excited to see her and Raquel....Isaac's Abuela as he calls her calls him her little angel.
She cries when he hugs her, while Isaac's eyes literally glow with love and excitement. 
He looks forward to seeing her each and every day!
I took a picture of them one day after Mass and we put the picture into a frame and gave it to her as a surprise.  This is what she posted on her FaceBook
They are just so important to each other and I love to see God's beautiful Face as He brought this beautiful lady and this little boy together!  Later, Ms Raquel sent us a picture of where she put this special image of her and Isaac
(right next to her Shrine honoring our Precious Little Baby Jesus)
Isaac has his picture of her displayed proudly in his room and he talks about his abuela each and every time he walks passed her
It is truly a special relationship
Thank You Jesus for bringing such special souls into our lives, who make our hearts flutter with happiness.
I love You my Dear Jesus so so much.....Your Most beautiful and Holy Face is literally everywhere that I look.
What a joyful life You have blessed me with....Please never allow me to "not" see Your shining Divinity in everything
kerry ann