Wednesday, March 6


Isaac loves his special garden.  He continuously works on it as much as he can every single day.  I love that he is outside enjoying these lovely warm spring days surrounded by our Lord's beautiful earth.
He actually will work on it in the cold, the rain, the wind.....literally whenever we will allow him to.  This garden is truly his heart
It is ever changing as the wind blows, it gets knocked over, it gets rained on or even frozen.  He never loses hope or gets upset....he just builds and creates more.
There is nothing growing in Isaac's garden....mostly painted rocks and sticks, flowers taped on sticks, cones, dryer sheets, paper plates and anything else that Isaac happens to finds inside and outside of the house
I love it so very was created with his audience precious, and little boy mind
Here are a number of garden pictures

Thank You my Dear Lord Jesus for this precious audience boy that You so greatly blessed me with
I love Isaac so so much
I love You Jesus with all of my heart