Tuesday, October 15



Dear Jeremy,
Every October 15th, i wish you a happy birthday and i tell you how much i love you and how important  you are to me. Your birthday is so important and every year that goes by, my gratefulness and love for you, grows more and more.  
Last week, when we visited your parents, and your mom brought out a big box of pictures, from your childhood, it was 
very powerful to my heart. i realized that as important as your birthday is… It is even more important than that!
Exactly 45 years and 9  months ago today, God Created you.  He formed you in the Palm of His Mighty and Loving Hands and He then, Breathed the Breath of Life into your lips, as He gently Whispered, your life story, into your little ears. He also Carefully Wrote, those same exact words, that He whispered into your ears... right onto your heart.

God did all of this, and then He placed you to grow and thrive inside of your mommy's belly.

 In that same moment when He Carefully Formed your soul, He was also thinking of this little baby girl, who was to be born just 4 months later, who would soon be named kerry ann (me). On this day 45 years ago, i was still growing and kicking around inside of MY mommy’s belly, way up north, in a small town in Michigan. 

As you were receiving your first spanking🙂 from the doctor at Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, NV, God already knew that my “story of Life” and your “story of Life”, would evolve from, no-longer 2 “stories of Life”, but rather,  1 amazing story. 
At the beginning of chapter 18 (November 6, 1993) God crossed our paths and in essence, crossed our stories and began within us, a miraculous “Life Story” and a “Love story” together. 


When looking through the box of pictures with your family, each and everyone of those memories, formed you into the Thoughtful, strong and brilliant Christian man that you are today. Your nurturing parents, family, and friends fostered these character traits throughout your childhood.  


This is such an 80'a classic......Jeremy, were you REALLY thinking about yourself IN your own school picture!?!?!

It took an entire lifetime to get to this exact day.  Our Brilliant and Mighty Father even so Mercifully talked you into choosing ME (a very ordinary girl)to love and to take care of, for the rest of your life.

You have taught me so much and have made me a better version of myself in almost every way! You are a most wonderful and protective husband, a most loving and caring father to our 5 little ones....and you are so faithfully leading us, on this journey towards Heaven. i know that this is beginning to sound like a “happy anniversary letter”, but i want to celebrate your life today, Jeremy. Because,  without your birthdays, there would be no anniversaries. 
There would be no wedding day, there would be no blessings of....
Gracie Ann

These precious souls, who we promised to lead back to God

(💜only 4 more precious little ones to go💜

Our Sweet Gracie Ann 
Today, i want to celebrate that precious little boy (you), that Jesus Created and on this very day, 45 years (and 9 month ago) 
....And blessed His little girl kerry ann, SO MUCH
Through each and every laugh

Through SO MANY happy moments...

....through each and every tear
(Ash Wednesday/Valentines Day 2018......the week that Gracie Ann ran home into the Arms of Jesus)

.....Through each and every worry.... anytime we are feeling angry and anytime that we feel lonely or neglected, we will grab each other’s hand and run to Jesus together and He WILL and has, most certainly, brought  to fruition, all of the Graces that we need to get through anything and everything that life throws our way......things that He, Himself, wrote within the pages of our “story of Life”. 

♥️i love you Jeremy♥️
♥️Happy Birthday♥️