Thursday, February 6


We officially made it through:
1. Your infancy.
2. Your toddler years, including the terrible two’s (which were honestly not terrible at all)
3. Your 1st day of kindergarten
4. Losing your first tooth
5. Your 1st day of middle school, paired with your tweens
6. Your first school dance
7. Your 1st day of High school
8. Getting your drivers license
9. .......Closely Followed by your first car wreck (when you literally back-ended your eye doctor on Hwy114)
We have enjoyed our blessings, paired with much laughter, as well as holding each other, during heart-braking tears
We shared stressful times and we shared peaceful times.....all of the things that come with growing up.
10. Then you left for TEXAS A&M. Now you are no longer a teenager.... now you are 20.

We made it!!!! 2 DECADES, with LOTS of prayer.....and we loved MOST every moment of it all.

You’ve grown into a most beautiful, caring, and Jesus-filled daughter of Christ. i stand in humble gratitude before our Lord, for having His Loving and Strong Arms wrapped around our family, through the difficult times of suffering, as well as through the times of great happiness...and He still remains faithful to our family, even today.
.....and YOU, Madison.....are answering God’s most special call, by living out your future life, to serve Him, through serving the poor and a missionary for Christ.
There is no path that you could choose, that would bring me as much joy as this one. The complete joy that you will feel, through serving others, for Jesus...will literally over-flow your heart with great Love and consolation!!!
“Joy is a sign of Generosity. When you are Full of Joy, you move faster, and you want to go about doing good to everyone.”  
-St. Mother Teresa
Thank you for making me a mommy and for making dad a daddy.
This year for your birthday post, instead of our usual “pictures of you as you grew up”....We Wanted to share your abundantly blessed life today as a University student, who loves being a Texas Aggie.
God is Good and always Faithful
May God continue to bless you and to remain the Center of your entire life, until your very last breath