Sunday, June 21


Dear Jeremy,
πŸ’œYou love ME so much, that you asked me to spend my life with you, as your wife. 
πŸ’œYou love ME so much, that you made me into the mother of your children. 
πŸ’™You love US so much, that you spend your days working hard, so that WE will be safe and secure. 
πŸ’™You love US so much, that you are always there anytime when we need you, without counting the cost. 
πŸ’™You love US so much that you take your time to mold and teach our children all about the world and how to build things and how to be independent and you also tell our kids all about Jesus

♥️You love JESUS so much, that you take up your heavy cross daily, as the  “St. Joseph” of our spend your time, with each one of us, bringing our family so much happiness and joy. 
♥️You take so much time to pray WITH US....bringing us closer to God, as you always reflect the Love of Jesus Christ, from your heart, to our family. 
♥️You constantly pray FOR US...each one of us, as you watch us grow and transform into, who Jesus desires us to be. 

πŸ’›i love you Jeremy Russell Lustig and i am so grateful to our Lord, for blessing me so abundantly, by picking you to be the most amazing leader of our my most loving husband and as a most loving father to our 5 babies ...always bravely, journeying, along side of us, through this exile. 

πŸ’›i pray each and every day to become the wife that you deserve. 

πŸ’›We love you daddy so so much. You are a treasure from God.....and you are truly His delight. 

Thank you Jesus, for the gift of Jeremy. 
me, Madison, Savannah, Nicholas, Isaac, Gracie Ann