Monday, January 17


We had a really rainy weekend at the lake house with our cousins which turned into an entire Jammie weekend inside the house.....very fun with lots of time to visit and play games!  We came home today to some sun and jumped on the chance to play outside!
 We had the day off of school and it was FINALLY sunny out!  The kids have been stuck in the house for days of cold and cloudy weather!  We invited friends over and the kids set up a McDonalds restaurant in the driveway.  I love that creative play!  All had fun and even ate lunch outside!
 The restaurant kitchen where the big girls worked!
 The little girls eating at the makeshift restaurant in the garage.  Lunch is much more fun when eaten outside!
There is Nicholas on the McDonald's "transportation bus" going through the drive thru...those little imaginations never stop!  Max loved the company outside today!  He has also been stuck inside and ready for some sun and friends too!