Tuesday, January 11


I love those impromptu family activities.  The kids did a painting craft this evening after gymnastics class, while we ate crescent hot dogs for dinner (daddy was not home).  Madison so sweetly shared her "Diva Puppies" craft kit that she got for her birthday last year.  Madison and Savannah loved the little time away from their homework. 
 Savannah's "Diva Dog" named Spot.  She decided to paint him like a Dalmatian!
Madison and her puppy named Marshmallow, also a Dalmatian.
 A brake from the seriousness of the project!
 Give Spot a kiss, but don't get paint on your lips!
 Savannah and Spot!
 Madison and Marshmallow...so cute!
Nicholas working on a craft for school...."E" Elephant!
What a great evening with the kids!