Friday, February 18


We had a great time on Friday at the PSA family Potluck/Bingo.  This is one of my last events on the PSA executive board (that is our school PTA).  I have never blogged an event before and thought that I should document some of my last year.  It will be sad to be finished.  I love these girls...The "Blue Shirts"!!
Here is one of the desserts celebrating the evening! It really was very laid back and fun for all of the families.
 Lizzy and Carey setting up for the event
 Alice helping serve food at the potluck (Nick's little friends from school...Jake and Roddy)
Me, Lizzy and Elizabeth working in the kitchen....we had so much fun making GALLONS of lemonade and decorating....we have such a great school full of great families!  We are so blessed!
Some of the PSA board taking a break to eat with their families before we start Bingo
Some of the board members: Carey, Darlene,  little Nick, Me, Elizabeth, and Therese.  All of the work is so much fun!!  We just cannot stop laughing!! We are like sorority sisters!  Even our hubbies and kids love to be together.  These are some great girls!!  Next year, we all get to just rest and show up to the events!!