Tuesday, February 22


We have been so blessed to be close to our most holy Bishop Kevin Vann.  He is the Bishop over the Ft. Worth diocese.  He came for dinner last night and we wanted to post some pics of our dinner party prep.  The guest list included, Bishop Vann, our great friend Fr. Isaac (we've blogged about him before), My mom and dad, and our family.
 We decided to eat in the kitchen this time so make for a more "warm" feeling, but still used our fancy dinnerware....It is my first time using my fine china...I just FINALLY got some china about a month ago..after almost 14 years of marriage!!
Max, laying on the floor, gearing up for the important arrival
 Madison, Savannah, and Nicholas had a special table for the party with fancy dishes.  They loved their milk served in wine glasses
His Excellency, Bishop Kevin Vann with our kids.  He is so kind and gentle.  He is such an orthodox, spiritual leader.  Such a good man to lead our Lord's sheep!!