Tuesday, February 1


We had a snow day today!  What a blessing it was to be able to not only have the kids home for a quiet day, but my wonderful hubby as well!  We just had such a great time!
After a family breakfast of ham, eggs, and fruit, we went back to bed!
All of us....for some, though it was a regular Tuesday morning routine!
 Here is our fire made even more beautiful by the presence of our Little Lord Jesus' picture above it!  I wish that you could feel it too!  We have had a fire going 24/7...A great place to warm up our cold fingers and toes as we pass by....most of the time stopping for a longer warm up!
Nicholas made lunch for us (Cheese Tortillas with a little bit of pepper)
With apples, bananas, and pears. Yummy!
 Apples are so funny!
We ate a lot!
 Bundle up for the cold day!  We bought snow pants this year to keep their little bodies dry but we did not have waterproof mittens!
 Rain boats with double socks for our feet!
 It's hard to get all of these clothes on....a lot longer to get dressed then to actually play!
Daddy put one pair of knit gloves, then his rubber dental gloves to make them rainproof, then another knit glove for warmth!  Our daddy is a genius!!
Played for a SHORT while on the ice trying to slide down our hill, and then in for warm baths (no pics) and a dinner of make your own pizzas!  What a great day!  Thank you, Dear Lord for snowy days in Texas!