Friday, February 4


We are on our 4th snow day from school....well, really ice day!  It is just icy which does not make for fun outdoor play on our days off of school.  We have been staying inside, trying to keep entertained!
 Played on mom's kitchen computer...A LOT!
 We had a slumber party in the movie room last night!  It is always fun when you are little to sleep in any place other than your own bed.  Now that I am NOT little, I long to sleep in my bed when I am in any other place!
 Sweet Dreams, little Savannah!
 I wonder what my Nicholas is dreaming about?  Race cars?!!
 My sweet cakes, Madison...she is getting so big!  She will be 11 years old in only 2 days! She looks so little when she is sleeping!  All is quiet in the house.
 While all of the children were fast asleep, Jesus was up all night working on a special present for them.  A BEAUTIFUL snowfall that blanketed the ground and made everything pure and clean (6inches and still snowing)!  Today will be a fun day to play outside....just what my little ones have been waiting for!  Something to sled on!! He always spoils us....Thank you, Jesus! 
I wish that pictures had sound....It is so quiet and peaceful outside...not even the littlest flutter of bird's wings can be heard.  No cars or construction sounds from across the street.  COMPLETE PEACE...How perfect!  Again, I am humbled and amazed by our Lord.