Monday, April 25


I love the consolations that our Lord sends my way, right when I need them.  It had been a tough Holy Week for me....actually for the last 2 weeks.  I was being tested, and needed to trust.  Thank You Jesus, that my soul was so focused on You, during this time of  Lent and I was able to recognize this trial for what it was.  I had faith that if I just kept persevering, our Lord would keep strengthening me for this battle of self doubt.
Easter Sunday brought many blessings of a lifted weight from my soul.  I knew that my days in the desert were over and that the angels had come to aide me.  What a joyous Easter day!  Today, I read these beautiful thoughts of a Catholic mother (written below in quotes), and have chosen to adopt them for my own.  These words give me great peace.
"All I have to do is to remember that whatever I need to carry out this mission (as a mother) will depend so much on the graces that He will bestow on me. For I am nothing without Him. Their souls are more important to Him than finding solutions to their temporal needs. God will provide for us. He will take care of their shortcomings. All He wants me to do is to nurture these children so their souls will be led to Him. For He said, 'They are precious souls.'"