Tuesday, May 3


My little sweet Nicholas painted a flowerpot for me at school for Mother's Day (He was smiling from ear to ear!!).  Inside the pot were flowers to plant for Mother's Day.  
A teary little boy came into the kitchen as I was cleaning up from dinner.....he had dropped the flowerpot (it was in a brown lunch bag) and it had broken.  It was devastating for his little heart.  I felt a sword pierce through my soul!  I took my little man and held him tight.  We opened the bag together and sure enough, it was broken.

We stopped cleaning up dinner immediately and went outside to plant the fragile little flowers in our courtyard, right in front of the statue of Our Lady (a perfect mother).  Our Lord loves these little children!  Their innocence pleases Him so much!  He has blessed our little ones with a heart that can be mended easily with the love of their mommy and daddy.  Nicholas and I had such a great time planting the flowers.  Such a short amount of time just made his whole day!! Here are some pictures of our Mother's Day garden. 
 Here is my little sweetheart!
 We planted the flowers and surrounded the fragile little plant with pretty colored rocks
 Look at those precious little "dirty" feet next to his little plant.  What a wonderful gift for Mother's Day! Such special time with my son!
By the way...before I put my little lamb down to sleep tonight, I scrubbed his little feet clean in a warm bath..  Thank you Father, for my children.