Monday, May 30


We had our school's field day on Memorial Day this year.  We had to go to school that day to make up for the snow days that we had in February (blogged about it if you look back)
 Why is giving your friend the "Bunny Ears" so funny?  Both girls are doing it and laughing so hard that they could barely have their picture taken.  We used to do that in school, but none of my kids know what it means....doesn't it mean.  What does it mean?  How could it go on for so long without a known meaning?
 3 legged race.  Nicholas thinks that it should be called the 4 legged race because now there are 4 feet working instead of just 2!
 The kids loved getting wet "accidentally" during the sponge pass game.  It was very hot that day.  our Lord blessed us with clouds for most of the morning, though.  But the sun soon peeked it's light through and heated up the event pretty fast! 
Savannah doing playing the "egg toss" opposite her friend, Avery.  We used confetti eggs for an easier clean up (I have experienced scraping eggs off of the cement before!!)
All in all....Field day was so much fun!