Tuesday, June 7


Our sweet Madison had her annual dance recital for LifeSong Dance.  A Christian dance company, where she has taken dance for the last year in a half.  She just lit up the stage with her bright smile!  I cried just watching her.  We were not allowed to take photographs during the performance, so you will have to just imagine her floating across the stage!  Here are some before and after pictures with family and friends.
 Madison and her sweet friend, Natalie in the dressing room before the recital
 Madison, Grammy, and Nana after the performance
 All of the girls!
 A proud Grandma and Grandpa Courtney
 The proud brother and sister and our cousins were there to cheer her on!
 The VERY proud Mommy and Daddy!  We love you sweetie!
Madison and her Grammy again!  What a great night!