Saturday, May 7


"The bread that I will give is My Flesh for the life of the world, and if you eat of this Bread you shall live forever and I will raise you up on the last day"

My baby girl, Savannah made her First Holy Communion this past weekend.  What a wonderful reason to celebrate!  She is such a little angel.

  Savannah wore MY First Holy Communion dress and veil.  The veil was the same veil that MY MOM wore when she made her First Holy Communion
 This is ME!! April 24, 1983
She overshadows the beautiful flowers surrounding her with her angelic beauty.

 My heart is spilling over with joy for her today!  I love you, Bug!
 Daddy took pictures of her standing on the back steps behind the house
 Getting lined up to process into the church
 I snuck this pic in as she entered the sanctuary.  She kept her hands folded the entire time.  So pleasing to our Lord to have a little one show so much love for Him
 Hands still folded (front row, second in girl in from the right). Look at all of these sweet little souls!!  "Let the children come to me"
 Savannah with our most wonderful and holy priest, Father Hart
 Our family with Father Hart
 Savannah and one of her dear friends, Joey
 Savannah and her Godfather, uncle Chris
 After the Communion Mass, we had a pool party to celebrate!!  Here is Grandma Courtney (my mom) Nana and Papa visiting on the patio
 All of the cousins playing a game in the pool
 hanging out on this beautiful and blessed day!! Jeremy "My love", my sister (Kelley), Jason (Jeremy's Brother), and Chris (my sister's hubby)
 The kids love when I take their picture in the air, so here are a few action swim shots!
 Madison and Lindsey
 Nicholas, Courtney, and Savannah
 Nicholas and Elizabeth
 Sweet little Liz
 Grandpa Courtney (my daddy) sleeping
Papa (Jeremy's grandpa) sleeping
It was such a great day!!!