Monday, June 27


We had the best family evening tonight! We all went swimming and ate dinner on the back porch.  We all played in the pool together and jumped off of the rock water fall!  It was fun to be a kid again. Daddy cleaned up leaves around the pool with the leaf blower, and then moved on over to where the kids were playing with a little surprise!
 Wow, that leaf blower blew that water hard!! The kids were screaming with was so funny!
 Ha Ha Ha from Daddy!! He loves his power tools!!

Do it again!!
More Daddy!! Let's see if I can make it to the edge of the pool!!
 Our outdoor dinner consisted of cheese and chicken quesadillas (should have taken the picture before we ate)
 Cheese and steak quesadillas
We had lime rice with cilantro (served in paper bowls for easy cleanup)
Then I laid out a plate of fresh fruit and the kids decided that flinging grapes off of their spoons was much for fun than eating them!  Who can get it the farthest?!?! 
Where would they learn such a game?
We had an awesome evening with our family!!  We finished up with a bath and family game before prayers and bedtime.  Lord Jesus, thank you for my family!  I love them so much!