Tuesday, June 28


My little boy is so sweet and loving.  He just wants to please me, but sometimes I do not give him the chance to do so.  Madison and Savannah are at Challenge Catholic Day Camp this week and I was home working on making some invitations for a shower that I am hosting for a friend.   My Little Nick came up and asked to help.  Embarrassingly enough my first thought was "no, he is too young to help...he will just mess them up".  Then a whisper from the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I was missing out on a wonderful opportunity to spend time with Nick and encourage him in his calling to serve.  He ended up being the biggest help.  As I measured and cut ribbon after ribbon, he punched 2 holes in each invitation (very precisely I must say).  In the end, we made 50 invitations!  He punched 100 holes altogether.  Thank you Jesus for giving me the Grace to listen to your gentle Words!  I love my little ones and I promise to try and always say yes to them when they a yearning to spend that time with me or just to help.  We also played 3 games of "Don't brake the Ice", 2 games of "The Fishing Game" and a VERY long game of "Candy Land" (It went into extra innings...we kept almost winning and then being sent back to the bottom)....These were the best hours that I spent today.
 We pretended that we had an invitation company and had to get an order out
 What a happy employee I have!
 So careful and diligent!
We got them all finished in half of the time!  I cannot believe that I almost missed out on all of this joy!