Friday, July 22


My talented kids : ) went to a camp this week at the Christian Performing Arts Center is Keller.  It is a performance group that travels around singing, dancing, acting....all for HIM!! Our amazing Father in Heaven!!!  They went to the camp each day and learned songs, skits and dances and then on Friday, the parents came and watched a special show that the kids had prepared.  It was so fun for them and I am so proud of my little ones praising Our Lord with such joy!!  He loves the sounds of little children singing His praises with such pure hearts!
 My sweet Nicholas singing, "This Little light of Mine"
 Madison doing a hip hop routine.  She was super funky!!!
 What a precious smile on her face!!
Nicholas had a solo part with his friend, and fellow homeschooler, Bryson.  They did great!

Where is Savannah, you ask? Well, she tearfully sat in my lap during the show.  she was too afraid to perform on stage.  Maybe next time?!?!!  My kids auditioned to join the group in the fall and made it!! They will be doing more awesome performances for the public...What a wonderfully positive place.  Everything this group does is uplifting and honoring God! 

Doesn't get any better than that...well Savannah does want our family to start a Christian band called the "Splintered Cross" (Jeremy came up with the name) where she will play the guitar standing on her head...that could be really exciting too