Monday, July 18


We went to the lakehouse with some friends of ours from Kansas this past weekend and we had a lot of fun on the water!!
 All of the kids (Madison, Kinsley, Nicholas, Campbell, and Savannah all on our tube named "Big Mabel"
 There is my sweet and gorgeous hubby!!
 Our great friends from Kansas, Andy and Bree
 Jeremy got a new boat this year...a wake setter.  You can surf behind it!!  The kids and Jeremy have a blast surfing, just like in Hawaii......well, maybe! 
 Here is Daddy surfing with his buddy, Nicholas..."Hang loose!"
 Now it's Madison's turn....look no hands!!!
 Daddy doing some tricks and showing off for the kids!!  I am so proud of my surfer boy!
 Now it's Savannah's turn!
Here they are surfing behind the boat without holding the rope!! So cool!
Doesn't Andy look just like Jeremy?!?!  They are practically twins!
 Andy and Bree's littlest one, Finley...she is a button!  And she LOVES ketchup!!
 All of the kids at Babes House of Chicken after our day on the lake
Here are the dads with the kids....really Nick, why do you have a sticker on your mouth??