Wednesday, August 31


For our homeschool history we are using "Story of the World" curriculum.  It is a living curriculum, where the information, stories, and characters come to life.  They learn a lot of info and are tested every week, but they still love it so much.  There are a lot of projects and activities.  We are starting at the beginning with the Nomads.  How they moved around to find food until they learned found the "Fertile Crescent" and learned how to farm and live in villages and work together.  BUT our project focused on the Nomads...Here are the cave paintings that we did.  This is the way that these people communicated and wrote about their lives before letter symbols.
 We studied what they painted about back then and tried to make ours look like theirs
 There were only 2 colors of paint red and black
 The kids were surprised to find out that they made their paint from dirt/mud (dark color) and animal blood (red color)
 Here is my Nick deciding what to paint....isn't he so handsome!!
Notice that his tongue is out....he must be really concentrating!!
Here are the cave paintings hanging in our classroom.  They all wanted to paint in a volcano after visiting Pompeii