Monday, August 29


We had our first day of homeschool the day after returning from Europe...what was I thinking?!?! It was a great day, though.  I love having them home.  God is showing us all of the blessings with it and we look forward to the blessings yet to come
 Getting started early in the morning at St. Maria Faustina Catholic School....We dedicated our school  to the Divine Mercy when we homeschooled years ago and decided that we should continue to offer it up for the Divine Mercy
 Notice how happy the teacher is with all of her sweet students and her Starbucks White Mocha (the Chancellor (her hubby) brought it for her
 The kids surprised me and got into the room early and got out their books to start.  My sweet Savannah wrote a note on the board for the class.  She is such a little button!!  She has such a kind heart....we have got some work to do in spelling, though..
My Madi-Bear working on her math.  She is very focused and a great student