Thursday, September 29


My little Savannah is 9 today!!  She has brought such joy to our lives.... It all started on September 29, 2002 at 2:30am!!  A little precious baby girl entered the world 8 months after our glorious Lord formed her in her mommy's belly (that's me!)!!  She was only 4 lbs 11 oz!!  So tiny but yet so full of our Lord's Grace!!  It is now 9 years later and how she has grown!!  I am so blessed to be able to spend the entire day with her today!  I am so glad to have my kids home with me full time now!! What peace our family feels, following God's call to homeschool.....just the other night, Jeremy (my cute hubby) said before he fell asleep....."Have you noticed how happy our family is now that we are homeschooling again?!?"  He is right!!  What a beautiful gift it has been for us (following the path God is calling you to will do that)!  Thank you Jesus, for our Little Savannah!  She is the light of our lives!!
 Savannah got a bike for her birthday!! She was so excited....we found the perfect one!