Saturday, October 1


 For Savannah's birthday, she finally got to have her first sleepover with friends!!  It was a big day for the birthday girl.  She invited 3 little girls to her sleepover
 Savannah getting decorations for her
"Smiley Face Movie Spa Party"
 The house is all decorated for our 3 party guests
Here is the smiley face cake my friend, Maria made for Savannah....isn't it beautiful!!
 After the girls arrived at our house, it was off to Southlake Town Square....were we started the evening with dinner at Snuffers.....Everybody LOVES the cheese fries!!
Then it was off to see the movie, "A Dolphin Tale" in 3D!!...Super cute!!
 After the movie, it was back to our house for some fun and sleep....well, a little sleep!!  Here is Savannah and her sweet friend, Hannah
 Here are Savannah's sweet friends, Abby and Avery!  They are so cute!!
 For the "Spa" part of the party, we did "blind makeovers" where one girl put makeup on her friend.....but she could not see what she was doing!!
 We all laughed SO HARD!!  The girls had a blast!!
 Then the girls switched places and the other girl was blindfolded!!
 They would feel with their other hand to find the proper place for the makeup, but wow, it was hard to get it right without looking!!
We just KEPT laughing!!
 What a fun game.....Thank you for the idea, Ang!!
 All of the made-over girls!! They look great!!
After we cleaned our make up off,  we did a "not blind" chocolate facial mask on each other
This was pretty funny too!!
The kitchen smelled like made us hungry!!
 This is what a "guy" does during the "spa" part of a girls party....he get's creative with the 3D glasses from the "movie" part of the girl's party!!
Sissy got in on the fun too!
 Time to sing "Happy Birthday Dear Savannah"...and eat CHOCOLATE HAPPY FACE CAKE!!
Then we ended the evening with some jammies and Wii "Kidz Bop, Dance"  It was a great party.  Savannah just glowed all evening!! there is just something about girl time!!