Sunday, October 2


It is cool outside (it should be at least) and warm and inviting inside!  I love the colors and the fall comfort foods, and everything..
 Here is my "fall princess"...dreaming of cool crisp fall days!!  We already have cool evenings
 Some pics of our home all dressed up for the background (out the window) you can see the boys drinking beers on the back patio, firing up the pizza oven for our special meal...those boys just love cooking outside!! It is so much of what it means to be a boy!!  Thank you, Jesus for making boys in such a special way
 I always keep my Thanksgiving dishes out all year.  They were a special gift from Jeremy's Nana to our family.  I just love them....I get to keep a little fall around all year.  The little pumpkins are an added seasonal decoration
 Here is one close up
 The children talked me into getting a couple of Halloween houses to put on the kitchen counter this year.  I usually do not decorate for Halloween...but they are quite cute and boy did it make my kids smile!!!
 Beautiful Fall Mums adorn the front porch (they are much prettier and brighter in real life)
New Fall pansies planted in our Mary Garden.  She looks so beautiful surrounded by these colorful creations that her Son blessed the world with.

The sound of the Sunday football intro music makes me sleepy!! I love Sunday football games.  It brings everyone together inside for at least 3 hours!  We love to share this time with friends too!
 Here are the Dallas Cowboys taking the field for the are outside riding bikes with great friends, the Mira kids,  and the boys are glued to the we are making homemade pizzas in our wood burning pizza oven during 1/2 time.. the girls (Lori and I) visit in the kitchen while enjoying the game time snacks!!  I love little Snackies!!
 Here are some of them...Olives, dip, salami, cheese, salsa, chips, etc..
Yummy Yummy Yummy
I stole a pic of 2 of  "the boys", My sweetie, Jeremy and our Dear friend, Father John while they were snacking a little during a commercial break!  Great Friends and Great Food equals Great Fellowship!!  Thank you Jesus for the blessing of crisp fall days and football Sundays!  Hopefully in the next few shorts weeks, we will be able to build a fire in the fireplace...we are not quite there yet in Dallas...BUT
I LOVE TODAY ALL THE SAME...Thank you for these wonderful joys in life!!